We bring together the things that belong together: SKILLS. EXPERT THINKERS. COMPETENT DOERS.

Our consultants and product managers achieve the perfect balance between economic and technical factors for your project.

Strategic planning and practical delivery – for us, both these aspects are part of an optimum, systematic project setup. Our team of experienced specialist consultants are in continuous, intense dialogue with 2W’s technical experts.


The financial expertise of our 2W consultants is both wide-ranging and deep. They have first-class qualifications in all the relevant areas, including process and innovation management, business IT and engineering, marketing and finance. Every one of our consultants knows what they are talking about, based on their own practical experience. Consulting isn’t
a one-way street – we believe in dialogue as equals, in all directions and with all people involved in the project.

Product managers

The 2W technical specialists in our team are your guarantee that intelligent solutions will also be delivered intelligently. With many years of practical experience behind them, they have a good instinct for the feasible and a keen eye for the pragmatic.

  • When it comes to getting your project up and running, we’re streets ahead:
  • Highly adept handling of product data (including plausibility checks) in global portfolios for virtually all products and spare parts
  • In-depth understanding of technical interrelationships for parts, including repair scenarios
  • Effective delivery thanks to our work in product development and in prod- uct range planning and support (including change management through- out service life, marketing, safeguarding availability, etc.)

What you stand to gain

Our unique expertise combining theory and practice successfully gets your project from the drawing board onto the road.

Practical knowledge you can count on:

For us, successful teamwork means using the best minds to get the best results.


Complexity management with exceptional clarity: WITHOUT COMPROMISE. WITH 2W CONSULTING.

We enable you to individualise your product range for optimum value. For greater customer focus and cost-effectiveness.

The status quo:
Customers demand uniqueness virtually without limits.

Uniformity is so yesterday. For a long time now, we have been living in
the age of individualised demand. At every touchpoint, customers expect countless options and variations, so that they can create their own personally unique product.

The consequences for companies are considerable. To be a success and work the markets effectively, responding swiftly and flexibly to the customer’s desire for continuous product and service diversity is now a basic prerequisite.

In other words: There’s no satisfaction without diversity. And without satisfaction, there can be no success.

The dilemma:
Diversity brings success. But also a lot of work.

“The more the merrier” may be the case from the customer’s point of view, but it’s too short-sighted in terms of company strategy. That diversity is a key driver for increasing turnover and customer satisfaction is indisputable. However, diversity also increases complexity on almost all levels: throughout the organisation, in product components and master data, in value creation processes and in the necessary production technologies. Diversity can therefore become a runaway cost driver.

The solution:
Combine strategic thinking with a doer mentality.

Our approach is to conduct profitability analyses on your product range based on sound technological expertise and to combine this with detailed recommendations for reducing cost drivers and disruptions in your major workflows.

What’s special about our approach? We weigh up both the functional and economic value of individual components. We evolve strategies and solu- tions that are 100 % relevant to your business and everyday operations. If you wish, we can go through every step of the implementation together with you.

The result:

The diversity experienced by the customer remains intact, while costly complexity is reduced. And the added value for your business? That goes up!

Find out more about the modules we can use to develop and deliver a sustainable model for your variant management.

Never again be forced to choose.

We combine strategic expertise with a doer mentality.


Individual modules that accompany you each step of the way: FROM YOUR ASPIRATION TO YOUR GOAL.

Portfolio management
Keeping an eye on products and processes with the 2Way approach

  • Portfolio screening to localise complexity and identify potential throughout the product lifecycle, for an ideal portfolio with optimum value
  • KPI-based phase-out management to increase the profit margin in this phase of the product lifecycle
  • Carryover parts management as a vital part of the solution for an opti- mum-value portfolio
  • Process optimisation for noticeable cuts in expenditure
  • Process analyses to identify potential in product creation, support and marketing
  • Scenario analyses to flag up the best solutions for saving costs in the product range and in processes

Complexity management
Master and optimise diversity, making it profitable for you

  • Analysing and shaping processes combined with data flow analyses
  • Designing and creating pragmatic tools for stabilising processes and inte- grating complexity in (semi-) automated tools
  • Producing and enhancing reporting tools for identifying trends/actions (BI)
  • Conceptual design of workflow systems to ensure transparency in projects and service provider management
  • Determining the optimum time to create diversity

Practical delivery
Consistency from the first idea to the finishing touch

  • Organising and facilitating meetings/workshops
  • Project control
  • Optimising team communication and scheduling
  • Project coordination
  • Comprehensive project setup within the project team, from rules of com- munication to control and ongoing organisation
  • Concretising solution scenarios in complex project settings as the basis for well-founded, goal-oriented and individual decision-making
  • Concepts and strategies delivered by consultants and technical experts

So you want to know exactly what we can do?
Talk to us – we look forward to overcoming your challenges!

Our services are effective drivers for achieving more: optimum value for your business.


Our points of contact for your challenge:

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Managing Director

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Abteilungsleiter Consulting

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